Production Process

Production Process

The production process of SUD ITALIA ALIMENTARI start from the selection of the best lots of extra virgin olive oils directly from hundreds of oil mills located in different regions of Southern Italy (where it is concentrated to 80% of the total Italian production of olive oil), to carry in its bottling plant in which the technology, the professionalism, the respect for tradition, and the passion of CASSETTA Family for quality are inextricably linked.

Selection of extra virgin olive oils

During the olive harvest, which runs from November to January each year, Mr. Pasquale or Mr. Massimiliano Cassetta, professional olive oil tasters, select directly in the oil mills, lots of extra virgin olive oil with the best organoleptic qualities. Their profession as olive oil taster requires a lot of experience and attention, because an error in sampling may lead to a different assessment of each batch of oil. If approved, the lot is loaded by truck with certified stainless steel tanks, in silos placed underground the plant of SUD ITALIA ALIMENTARI, where it is checked and analyzed in advance, to ensure that the purchased product is in conformity with the EU Laws, and with its more restrictive standard of quality.


The total capacity of more than 1,200,000 liters, and the use of pipes and stainless steel tanks located underground, ensure perfect oil storage throughout the year. Thus SUD ITALIA ALIMENTARI can better manage their purchasing process, selecting the best lots of olive oils at the source at right times, and storing them until the time of final processing and packaging away from typical agents of degradation (light and heat).


Olive oils selected, in origin are dense and unclear because of the tiny particles of natural pulp of olives and vegetable water still present in suspension in olive oil. These so-called “NON FILTRATO” olive oils are filtered and made clear before packaging, because this process makes the extra virgin olive oil more preservable for a longer time, and prevents the formation of thin layer of sediment in the bottles on the shelf.
With no filtration process the extra virgin olive oil is called "unfiltered". The filtration of the olive oils takes place with a dual treatment;
- firstly a passing phase of layers of inert filter material (diatomaceous earth) suitable for use on food products, that has the ability to retain moisture and suspended solids for a substantial filtration,
- and then with a finishing, obtained by means of the simple mechanical passage through cardstock of pure cellulose fiber, which by virtue of their minimal porosity are capable of retaining even the smallest particles in suspension.
After the filtration process, each individual batch of extra virgin olive oil, each one with its own different flavor and characteristics (depending on their area of origin), are mixed carefully in order to obtain the taste more to less fruity as required by quality standard of each trade mark.
Bottling and Packaging

The Bottling and the Packaging lines consists of 2 modern filling lines, specialized and highly automated, able to fill and pack all kind of Glass bottles (250 ml. to 1 Lt.), Tins (up to 5 Lt), and Pet bottles (up to 5 Lt.). Overall, the packaging capacity of the plant amounts to about 5,000 bottles / h.

All lines have efficient computerized control systems, as well as advanced equipment inspection of containers, for example to guarantee the regularity of filling and proper application of the caps.
Secondary packaging is designed to work with traditional boxes with partitions to protect the individual glass bottles, or with the lightest trays wrapped with shrink film.
The packaging for other brands (private label) offers various possibilities in terms of packaging, size and configuration of the pallet.
Flexible coding systems "inkjet" are applied on each single item, cartons and pallets with the most advanced logistic codes (eg. Identification "SSCC" of the single pallet), allows the best complete "traceability" of products, for highest protection according the food security.

Quality Control

The SUD ITALIA ALIMENTARI performs thorough checks on incoming raw materials, the manufacturing process, and finished goods ready for the distribution.
The primary objective is therefore to ensure closer compliance with the olive oil produced and marketed, according to the stringent requirements of the Italian and EU Laws and regulations. To this end, the company also has external certified laboratories that can perform with competence and compliance analysis of the traditional type, even the most sophisticated instrument checks, to the benefit of food security.
Second, efforts are aimed at ensuring the efficiency of the whole "process" of the Company, meaning that every aspect that contributes to the efficiency of the Organization as a whole, to fulfill the requirements of the law in a more general food production, and to compliance with any other requirement asked by customers.